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Your Organic Waste Does
More Than You Think


311 Toronto logo Live Green Toronto logo

Help Toronto create
renewable energy.

Realistic 3D image of an eaten cob of corn.
Realistic 3D image of an eaten apple.
Realistic 3D image of fish bones.

Thanks for playing!

Your score: 0/3

Keep up the green work!

You’re an expert at knowing what should go in the Green Bin. See how your choices are helping the environment and the City.

You’re on the green track!

You know most of the items that should go in the
Green Bin. Learn more about how your organic scraps can help the environment
and the City.

All those scraps
belong in the
Green Bin.

Try again or
learn how your organic
scraps can help the
environment and the City.

Orientation permission required

Please provide permission to access your orientation so you can use your device to look around this 3D scene.
Keep your phone in portrait mode for the best experience.

Oh no, your bins have tipped over.
Rotate your device to pick them up
so you can play the game.

Scan this QR code on a mobile device to launch an augmented realiy experience. Please note that this experience is not compatible with screen readers. A link to information about the City of Toronto's green bin program is provided on the page you are now reading.
This experience is designed to be
viewed on your Android or iOS device.
Scan the QR code with your device
camera, or open GreenBinGame.ca in
your device browser.